August 18, 2015

3 Concept Eyes Pick-Up Items Of The Week *NEW SEGMENT*

Hey guys!

I decided to start a new series of segments. 

I wanna focus on my favourite Korean clothing brand Stylenanda, my favourite cosmetic brand, Nanda's 3 Concept Eyes and my favourite Japanese clothing brand Fig&Viper by Alisa Ueno.

Pick-Up basically means the items to watch and get your hands on.

Each week, I'll be featuring a couple of new and my own personal favourite items to get from each of these brands. 

Each brand will have its own post.

I'll also be featuring their new collections and lookbooks!

Links to get the items will be embedded in post!

I will do more brands on request.
New Pick-Up!




I love how soft and creamy it looks. Plus! I like how it comes in a jar.


I love the colours! Perfect for under the eye. Very natural!






Here's a look at 3 Concept Eyes 'Steady Seller' Collection.


Here's a look at 3 Concept Eyes Pink Rumour Collection.


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