July 19, 2014

Teeny, Tiny HAUL.

              ♥Teeny, Tiny HAUL.♥

So, yesturday, I went shopping. I always go shopping on Fridays. Whether it's for myself, other people...or my pets. Now, I don't really want to call this haul, not even a teeny, tiny haul. Basically, I should have named this post, 'Some Stuff I Bought.' 

I went to H&M, now, I've never been a fan of them, I thought their stuff was ugly. The atmosphere (at my location) is very...boring and minimal. I like minimal but, clutter and a place full of racks is more my speed for a store. They're like the Value City of the mall. I literally call them the 'Hmm Store.' Because when I go in there and search through the sales racks and things, I seriously just say, 'hmm.' Everything in there is cheap and of course cheaply made. But, that doesn't really bother me too much, I don't know.

There was a sale going on, 60% off of already reduced items. Pricing at register. Awh, snap. I just had to. I followed the cute little arrows on the floor and it led me to a few racks. Lots of cute shoes and purses on sale. I REALLY wanted to get this black, leather, over-the-shoulder winter bag, but...seriously did not have enough money to even splurge on a sale like usual. So, I bought 3 things!

Item #1.

Flip Flops! They have a suede like feel to them and they're super comfortable! Their skinny but, they're great!

Regular Price : $5.95
Reduced Price : $3
I Got Them For! : $1.20

Item #2.

The same style as the ones above. The colour was so pretty I had to get another pair, and they were so cheap! The tags in the middle of the flip flop is awkward but it doesn't bother me when I wear them.

Regular Price : $5.95
Reduced Price : $3
I Got Them For! : $1.20

Item #3.

This bra is too cute! My boobs are seriously so small that I can still fit into kids styles and training bras. I haven't had a new bra in a long time and this one caught my eye so I felt I deserved it. It's the most 'grown up' bra I've ever had. I usually get the 2-Pack in the little girl's section for 12 bucks at Target. But, this bra is just so Dolly I love it! I've always wanted intimates from H&M, they're so cute and affordable! Nothing too slutty or anything like that. 

The padding on this bra is great. There's also a slip where you can take out the extra added padding. It pushes them up and make them look really cute. Who doesn't want cute...boobs. Anywho!

Regular Price : $17.95
Reduced Price : $7
I Got It For! : $2.80

Total Cost Of This 'Haul' : $5.20

DISCLAIMER: I DO EDIT pictures to some extent. Only to further quality to show products better, or to lighten, soften and filter for dramatic effect on SOME pictures. No Photoshop etc. is being used or body configuring. Thank You.

♥Be Dazzling!♥

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