July 19, 2014

OOTD (I suck at this.)

            ♥OOTD (more focused on my makeup)

Can I just say that I suck at OOTD's. Well more OOTW. I don't really get too dressed up throughout the week instead of like, Fridays. Fridays are my most busiest days. I don't come home until 9:30 and I don't have the time to take my pictures until after I get home. And by then, I'm not in my right mind. I'm usually extremely tired and forget to take the necessary pictures for a proper OOTD. 

I wanted these pictures to be more focused on my makeup anyway. It's my go-to Eoljjang eye look. So, here are the picture I took.

I know this headband has nothing to do with my outfit but I just wanted to wear it. keke~

Stole Suga's (from BTS) peace sign. Looks like a gang sign...oops!

My teeth look so big here.

Pictorial soon guys??? ^^

So there you have it, guys. I know guys, I'm like the worst beauty blogger. Bear (or is it bare...) with me guys. I'm trying. Still shopping for the camera that I want. I'm too picky! 

But, the pictures didn't show the makeup as best as I wanted. It's really pretty. I'll make a pictorial for it soon! 

Jacket From Kohls : Originally $60 but got it for $5

DISCLAIMER: I DO EDIT pictures to some extent. Only to further quality to show products better, or to lighten, soften and filter for dramatic effect on SOME pictures. No Photoshop etc. is being used or body configuring. Thank You.

♥Be Dazzling!♥

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