July 16, 2014

Idol Of The Week : Namie Amuro.

              ♥Idol Of The Week
                 Namie Amuro.♥

Namie Amuro is my 2nd favourite J-Pop Artist. Again, one of the very few REAL Japanese singers. She is Italian and Japanese. What a beautiful mix! She's monotone and motionless dancing machine. 

The one to have started the Kogal trend which was the beginning of Gyaru itself. She to me, honestly, is the Japanese Mariah Carey. Why? Hard to explain. 

Her hair, whether extensions or not, I LOVE. It's so long and pretty and flowy. Namie's eyes are straight killer. Super skinny but it works for her.

Although her music style has changed so much, I still like the newer stuff. But trust me, the oldies are the best. She even has a ton of dirty songs, I mean come on. My favourite line of hers is, 'I am oochie, lala poppin' coochie.' 

I do like her ballads but her voice isn't that strong. Her music just makes you want to get up and start shaking your body. Not really club beats as in EDM moreso, club music from like 2005 but, in a good way! As always, more information on my favourite song 'Funky Town' below.

Funky Town Promo Picture.

Funky Town PV

And here are a few more pictures of Namie Amuro.

She's even been compared to KARA's, and my bias, Goo Hara!

Do they look alike? 
Hmm...I think they favour each other but honestly...Namie's prettier to me. But, don't get me wrong, Goo Hara is extremely gorg as well. 

So please, go check her out. The Queen Of Hip-Pop.

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