July 23, 2014

Idol Of The Week : CL.

             ♥Idol Of The Week

My bias of my favourite girl group.

The One And Only.

The Baddest Female.


I so wish my girl would go solo! Her raps are great. The lyrics she writes are good, so she's an Idol rapper, she's got skill and talent. Her body is the best I've seen in K-Pop, tan and thick...get it girl!

Lee Chaerin, I have mad respect for this girl. She doesn't fit Korea's beauty standards, she knows and it doesn't care. She's confident and seems extremely down to earth. 

I was never a CL fan, in fact I kind of hated her. I thought she was ugly, her voice was whiny (which it is) and she just tried to hard. Now she's my bias. It used to be Minzy but, no matter what of 2NE1 I watched, my eyes were always glued to CL. Her in the 'Falling In Love' MV, I was done and sold. I want to be CL when I grow up...more. Haha! I want to look like her! She's absolute perfection. Like what she said in 'Dirty Vibe,' "...i'm your girl's lesbian crush..."
She's got that right! 

I could honestly make these posts a lot longer and more interesting but I don't want you guys to be bored with my reading. Hehe. Unless that's what you all want, let me know!

Unfortunately, she doesn't have any solo album yet! But, My favourite solo song of hers is 'MTBD.' The melody is the *censored* and the rap is incredible. 

.She has the BEST eyeliner.

Here's The Perfomance for 'MTBD' Live

(sorry to those who take offense to this version. I never seen the problem behind it, I know...I know but...I actually like the voice in the background. Sorry.)

And Here Are A Few More Picture Of GZB.

Is she truly the baddest female?

It looks as so.

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