June 23, 2014

♥SIMPLE Dolly Wink Nail Pictorial.♥

              ♥First Nail Pictorial!

Hey lovelies~! This is my first ever nail pictorial. It's not the best but think, I've never truly done this before so...cut me a little slack? They will get better in the future, I promise. For those of you that aren't familiar with Dolly Wink, let me break it down for ya! 

Dolly Wink,Candy Doll, S-Leg and whatever else product names she has, are makeup, circle lense and clothing by the most famous Gyaru ever! Tsubasa Masukawa. I haven't had the luxury to try any of her products yet but I know for a fact I will in the future! 

Tsubasa Masukawa.

               Here are a few examples of some of her Dolly Wink products. 

As you can tell, her signature is black polka dots on a pastel pink background. She incorporates other colours as well but you'll mainly see the pink. Now, I didn't include any polka dots in this tutorial because I wanted it to be EXTREMELY simple and easy. I will do a more advanced Dolly Wink tutorial sometime soon though. 

     Now, I only used 3 products for this look. 

1. i pink i'm in love Loreal nail polish. $5

2. Any black nail polish will do.

I've had this one so long, the label rubbed off. I got it from my local beauty supply store for only 99cents.

                     3. Sally Hansen's Big Matte Top Coat $5.50

Of course, make sure your nails are clean of any previous nail polish. Make sure they're clipped and filed. 

First, we're going to apply the Loreal nail polish on every nail EXCEPT the middle finger nail.

Ooh, look at that freakishly amazing thumb nail bend.

                  Then, we're going to apply our black nail polish to the middle finger nail.

Lastly, we're going to apply our matte top coat onto the BLACK NAIL POLISH ONLY.

The matte will reduce the shine and give it a more classic and girly look instead of rawr! vampire.

I tried to take a picture of my nails to show the difference between the matte and the regular non-clear coated pink nails.

You can easily see that it's not as shiny. 

And yes, these are MY nails. I don't do fake because...I have no reason to. But, I do have a rounded nail bed which can be a little annoying sometimes.


          Add something polka dotted to your outfit to give it more of that Dolly Wink feel.
No makeup today, going to play in water! 

Total Cost For Today's Look:$11.50 (depending on what black nail polish brand you used)

Bikini Top From deb.

Go and try my Simple Dolly Wink Nails today! Even send pictures to my email if you'd like! For more questions and answers, leave a comment and/or email me at kota143486@gmail.com ! !

DISCLAIMER: I DO EDIT pictures to some extent. Only to further quality to show products better, or to lighten, soften and filter for dramatic effect on SOME pictures. No Photoshop etc. is being used or body configuring. Thank You.

♥Coming Up Soon!♥


Idol Of The Week.

♥Be Dazzling!♥

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