June 25, 2014

♥Idol Of The Week.♥

                    ♥Idol Of The Week!♥
Ayumi Hamasaki.

If you looked at my Intro post, then this picture would look familiar to you. There I explained my love for K-Pop. But J-Pop was my first love and will always be. I listen to all kinds of music, I'm really open. Like, K-Pop, J-Pop, J-Rock, C-Pop, Thai-Pop, Lao-Pop, French Pop, Scandinavian and American Pop. But, out of all my 'oppas' and 'unnies,' Ayumi Hamasaki, simply put, Ayu, will always be number one in my book.

Ayu debut in 1998. A year after I was even born! I had no clue about her and pretty much...anything. Her debut song was 'Poker Face' on the album entitled, 'A Song For XX.' The singles released weren't very famous but it was her debut and honestly, she still needed more vocal training with her very weird but strong voice. I'm not even a huge fan of 'Poker Face' but, my favourite song off that album was 'For My Dear.'

Ayu For Debut Song 'Poker Face'

                                                                  PV For 'Poker Face.'

                                                            PV For 'For My Dear.'

After her debut almost being a flop until last minute it gained tons of popularity, her second album, 'Loveppears,' topped the Oricon for 5 straight weeks and she sold over 3 million copies. I will leave a list below along with videos of my favourite song from each album.

There are tons of speculations about her getting plastic surgery but this is actually extremely popular in the Asian pop music community. She hasn't confirmed anything yet, but talk about Eye lift, nose reduction, lip fillers and boob job have circulated. I do believe she's had her eyes done to look bigger and her lips slightly enlarged. The talk about her nose, she could have simply grew into her face and if anything, she would have straightened the bump but whatever haters! And the boob job, I think she just grew! Her predebut modeling pictures were when she was around 14 but anywho. Either way, if so, she went to a good doctor >.< 

She did get married but after a year, she got a divorce. I think the divorce hit her hard because her albums after that, just weren't her and sort of flopped. But, she is gaining her success again!

She's had tons of commercials and endorsements and even writes her own lyrics. She is the nail queen! Her style is the best in Japan and has been in the game for a very long time. She's known for her light hair and amazing vibrato. I could talk about her forever but I don't want to bore you lovely cupcakes so, here are few bonus pictures of Ayu.

My favourite Ayu songs from each album.

Favourite Song:Appears

Favourite Song:Seasons

Album:I Am...
Favourite Song:M

Favourite Song:Voyage

Album:Memorial Address
Favourite Song:Ourselves

Album:My Story
Favourite Song:About You

Favourite Song:Heaven

Favourite Song:Jewel

Favourite Song:Marionette

Album:Rock 'n' Roll Circus
Favourite Song:Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~

Album:Love Songs
Favourite Song:do it again

Favourite Song:progress

Album:Party Queen
Favourite Song:unfortunately I don't have one because I truly didn't care for this album that much.

Album:Love Again
Favourite Song:snowy kiss


Please check her out, she is REAL J-Pop. Not this Kyary...vocaloid stuff. I'm a fan of both of those, but this is REAL J-Pop. There aren't many out there, and the ones that are, are old-schoolers. Like Ayu. 


The Empress Of J-Pop Will Be Back. 
I will do a reaction to the PV's and to the album. 
Not beauty related but, she is my number one.

♥ Be Dazzling!♥

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