June 30, 2014

♥1st OOTD!♥ ~Job Interview Edition!~

                   ♥1st OOTD!♥
             ~Job Interview Edition~

I know I didn't post anything Saturday and that's on the schedule but, something came up. I decided to make a OOTD post because I had it originally scheduled for Saturday. Now, I know it's the first one but, I already have an 'edition' for it. That's because a few weeks ago I got notified for participating in a group interview for Journey's and their sub-stores. 

I've recently had a total of 3 interviews this month, Journey's included. 1 for Justice, 1 for Kroger and now Journeys. So far, no one has said yes. And that sucks. I really want to provide for my family and be able to buy my own things and so, all these interviews and no job=stressful. 

It was a group interview actually, today. I was really nervous when I seen that in the email. I have never been in one of those. So I researched things and absolutely expected the worst. It wasn't so bad. Luckily the store managers were nice and funny. 

The interview was scheduled for 10am. I showed up at exactly 9:45 and I was the first one! About 10min. later a girl shows up in booty shorts! Gasp! The shorts were a little ripped and frayed at the bottom and her fresh thigh tattoo was showing. She had her Monroe pierced and a silver hoop nose piercing. I mean, I understand the stores and their concepts but, I just don't think that's acceptable for the interview. Show all that afterwards. 

The interview started promptly at 10am and we were in our first 5min. of answering questions. I was very nervous because the girl was REALLY good at answering questions and was more experienced than I was. I mean, me being a shy little introvert...this was awful. But, in the middle of me introducing myself, some dude walks up and is like, 'What are these interviews for?' The store managers answered him and then he was like, 'Oh, I think I'm supposed to be here.' How dumb. Like really? You show up late and ask a stupid question like that? 

The guy was actually really annoying. He was talking a little bit too much and tried way too hard to sell himself to get the job and make it seem like he was overly qualified to work there. He even rapped. He said something about Elmo tickling him and 2nd Genesis being obsolete. 

I did my part. I answered my questions and sold myself to the best of my ability. I am pissed at myself for not shaking their hands when the others did. But, it was a fun experience. I even spoke a little Japanese for them. 

Out of all of the Journey stores, I'd like to get a job at Shi the most. It's all girls and it has more of a girly, classier not so grundgy look. I mean, out of 4 (technically 5, but the other Journeys store was just too far, the other 4 were in the mall), and only 3 people showing up, I think I'm ok. I'm still a little worried but, I'm feeling confident. 

Enough of my blabbing, let's take a look at my outfit!
I tried to capture the best pictures I could.

First, my top!

You can't tell from the picture but, it's actually see-through. I wore my favourite purple cami underneath so my goods aren't seen. I got this shirt from Kohls and got it on sale of course for $7.

Next, my pants! 

Awkward angle and a peek of my dog's paws.


I was really worried because I wore jeans. Technically jeggings but the visibly gold threading that I love oh-so-much gave it away. But, when I seen that girl walking in there with her butt hanging out, I knew I was ok. She was truly my only competition.

I had gotten these from Kohl's as well and they are of Mudd brand. I love that brand. It's very Indie and comfortable and cheap! (If you buy the items on sale.) These were about $5.

                                          My shoes!

I got these from Kohls as well. They're So brand. They're uber comfortable and simple. I need to invest in more flats. I'm in love! Scored these for $9.

                        And last, my headband!

Ooh, girl. Look at that widows peak.

                  I love this headband and I wear it to death! I got it from Claire's for $5 as well.

                  Here are a few more pictures I took. Not full frame because, my camera died.

What happened with my lip. Stupid filter.

Total cost of today's outfit! : $26

♥Be Dazzling!♥

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