October 11, 2016

New Favourite Lotion + Review?

The one that he loves oh so much, is Berry Blossom by eos.

Who knew.

I've never tried their famous lip balms, never was a fan of the little ball packaging and just didn't hear good reviews from my peers.

But once I seen that they came out with body lotion I was oh so curious.

The two cute pastels of pink and purple and they've continued with their weird shaped packaging I've just been urging to try.

So judging from instant smell, I liked the pink one, Berry Blossom best.

I got the smaller version, which I love that they sell eagerly and I'm in love.

The smell is so beautiful but yet still subtle. You don't have to wear perfume or body spray if you're gonna be leaving right after you put it on but trust me, that's a good thing! Stays for a bit and the yellowness threw me off but it's different and I like that.

I would recommend putting it on while still damp because it could be a little skiddy if not.

It makes the skin super soft and it lasts.

But the main thing is that he loves it so it must be good.

I'm definitely gonna try the smaller version of the purple one and definitely getting the full size of the pink one.

The price is amazing for how much you get and I am tempted to try the cool looking hand lotion. I really hope eos makes even more products to make us super soft and smelling great.

EDIT - I also wanna say that it's sensitive skin friendly. That's the main thing I look for in your typical lotion so, trust mehh. I think that might be because they're products are organic. Another plus.

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