October 19, 2016

Is Larme The New Gyaru?

I, personally, would like to think so. There's several similarities.

Larme is a pretty new style/culture among the female yout of Japan. It all started with a magazine. Literally called Larme. Began around the fall of Gyaru which I think, is what helped produce it's success.

It's pretty hard to describe the true core to Larme fashion but oddly enough, you know it when you see it. Again, considering it all started with a magazine, it's hard to truly define it. But, like Gyaru, it's predecessor, sub styles are becoming available.

Larme, I think is for the slightly older Gyaru. Maybe not as old as the Gyaru that maybe follow brands like Emoda, Lip Service, Murua etc. but for the Gyaru that were probably in their late teens early 20's during the decline. So I feel this trend is perfect for that lost, former Gyaru.

The first I ever seen of the Larme style was the brand Swankiss and didn't even know it! I've always loved it and thought it was different and unique. The models were super different too~

Ever since that discovery I didn't see the style until maybe about the past year with this whole Tumblr thing. With the pastels, chokers, frills and crosses and ugh, etc! I thought that maybe the Japanese have stolen that style from those Tumblr girls but as usual, most often, that's not the case.

The Models.

Then I started noticing certain models becoming super popular and I started seeing them everywhere. Risa Doll being the main one. That's a huge similarity with Larme and Gyaru. With Gyaru we have Sakurina, Tsubasa, Alisa etc. Now we have the newcomers. Risa, Katou, Hikapu etc. which also have a cult following as well.

The Brands.

As mentioned above, Swankiss is one of the first, if not the first to really capture Larme fashion. Now I think there are tons of Larme style brands. Rose Marie, Bubbles, Nile Perch even Gyaru brands are turning into Larme kei or it's easy to incorporate into Larme kei like Liz Lisa, One Spo, Avan Lily etc.

Usually, I've noticed, these newer Larme brands are bit on the pricier side. But, like the Larme trend, it's for the young, working girl that likes to treat herself to beautiful, quality made products. So, the fashion is a bit expensive but obviously beautiful but luckily, like Gyaru, easy to replicate.

One thing I've noticed, unlike Gyaru, there's accessories brands popping up with the Larme style and I think that's very convenient.

All in all, I really wanted to elaborate but I think I might save a lot more information for another post, Larme has developed a huge following, even I'm starting to really incorporate it into my look. But, there's definitely gonna be a part two to this post coming soon.

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