September 1, 2014

Idol Of The Month : BENI.

                 ♥Idol Of The Month

Beni Arashiro. Highly underrated and yet, such an amazingly beautiful talent. Her looks alone give me chills and her awkward but beautiful voice gets me every time. She's mixed guys! Japanese and white, and it's just so beautiful! Since she was born in America, she speaks English fluently of course and she also released English albums! Their covers of songs and they're actually my favourite songs of hers. 

She has grown so much over the years and wait for it...Eventually I will get my hair cut just like hers and here's the video as to how I want it. Colour and all!

Also! Here is my favourite song of hers that I seriously want played at my wedding! 

And as always, a few more pictures of Miss Beni.

Her eyes are beautifully hypnotizing! PLEASE, go check her out and give her some love! BENI ♥

NOTE: If you haven't noticed, I changed it from being Idol Of The Week to of the month. Since school has started I've been a busy mess! So, only once a month will an Idol be shared.

♥Be Dazzling!♥

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