September 13, 2014



Wassup guys?

Sorry, I've been posting things on wrong days and just not been posting at all. I actually have gotten a serious virus that has been going around and was seen on the news. At least 13 states have tons of people sick with it and some children have even ended up in the hospital. It's something that can't be treated and can only go away on its own. 


In the meantime, I've been either extremely busy or snotting boogies into tissues that are drying my nose to pieces.

But! I did get some awesome kicks from Yesstyle!

Blurring those doggy pee pads man...1LLIONAIRE representin'

Death Note is my favourite anime...

I look so goofy trying to kick ya'll

My little dog there.

The worst part is...I scuffed them already! Like, why! So I tried to blur that out man...haha

Also! I recently started wearing eyeshadow! I don't usually wear it all the time because it's really a drag but, I have really thin skin and I'm really light so my veins are all showy. Especially in my eyelids so eyeshadow really helps to cover all that up. I still don't wear it regularly but, I am working with it. Here are some pictures!

Why does my nose look so fake here? It don't even look like my nose!

I look

Contact Time!

I like really natural looks and colours and so, I hope it's noticeable! But, I seriously think this will be my go-to eyeshadow style. I WILL be doing a tutorial on it soon.

I recently had a school meeting and this was my face for the day!

And here are some bonus pictures.

My dog's fur blowing in the wind....

Me throwing up Korean gang-style peace signs man...

♥Be Dazzling!♥

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