July 7, 2014

Product Review!

♥Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream                   Product Review!♥

I don't know if you guys remember but, in my first product review of the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, I had mentioned this CC Cream product. I also said that I will never be going back to CC Cream because I realized...this isn't for me and BB Cream is a lot better. 

I've always been aware of BB and CC Creams because of Asian beauty products. And so I was a little excited that America now had their own. But not too much because we steal so much from everyone else but, I figured, why not. I won't be able to try any Asian BB or CC Creams for a while. 

I had went to Sephora and told the representative that I was looking for BB Cream. Any brand would be fine. She immediately cut me off and asked me what my skin type was. I said, it's fairly dry. So, she then recommended that I try CC Cream because it was for dry skin and BB Cream just would not work. It didn't make sense to me but she offered me to try it out and even give me a free sample. 

So she applied some on my cheek and little on my neck with a brush. She only tried the Medium colour and recommended I use this because it suited my skin colour best. There, it seemed like the colour for me so I asked if she could give me a sample. But, you know me, I wanted something a little lighter for my face, so when I looked at the colour choices, I realized Medium was the second to last colour! I'm like, I know I am not that dark. Yes I'm a little tan I guess but still pretty light for a mixed person, so I grabbed the Light colour. Usually I grab the Light Medium but I see that the colours run light so I grabbed a shade lighter than usual. 

When I got home, I applied the Medium CC Cream sample all over my face. I noticed it gave my skin an orange almost non-natural colour. Later on that day when I went to take of the CC Cream, I noticed that my skin was way lighter than the CC Cream and it just was not my colour. So I hurried and used the CC Cream from the sample as often as I could so I could you the Light CC Cream.

Here's what the tube looks like.

My tube.

What it looks like after you open it.

A dab on my finger.

Rubbed on my hand.

The colour looks about right...right?

Rubbed some on my cheek.

A little blurry, sorry guys.

Starting to rub it in.

And now all the way rubbed in.

I circled where I applied the CC Cream. It still might be a little hard to see but may I mention, Light was a little too light...It lightened my skin a little too much. It just didn't look natural. You need to apply a nice decent amount for full facial coverage. It covers little pimples well and any discoloration. And I do notice NOW on the tube, it says Dark Spot Correcting. I DON'T EVEN HAVE DARK SPOTS. I DON'T EVEN HAVE LIGHT SPOTS. I have pretty good skin. I hardly ever break out, and when I do, it's only like a pimple. And even that can go away in less than 24 hours. It was a little thick and grainy. Took a while to set and dry, I guess I should say. It was no better than regular old liquid foundation. Since I have dry skin, when I applied it, it broadcasted my flakes. Therefore no, this is not for dry skin. The good thing, is that I could feel that moisture in my face and I did glow. But, I don't know what moisture it was giving me because, it kind of made my dry skin worse. But, I didn't glow as much as I would with BB Cream. 

I then noticed they had CC Cream for hair or hair-dye products.Color Corrector! I can be a little slow sometimes but gee Kota. That was ridiculous. CC Cream just isn't the product for me. And Smashbox is a pretty decent brand of makeup so, results do vary gals. I'm just a little picky sometimes. It's not that it's a bad product, I mean, it does have a lot of cons but I don't know.


Makes you glow.
You can literally feel the moisture on your face.
Close to almost full coverage.

Too light of colours.
A little difficult to blend.
Broadcasts flakes/dry skin.
Price ($20 from Sephora)

Too many cons for me. And just, not right for me. BB Cream is my new heart and if you don't have dry skin, use this. It'll suck up that oily skin great. Got acne? Use this. Are you an Eoljjang? Use this, haha! CC Cream is not good for my skin and this brand of CC Cream just wasn't...that...fabulous.

   Recommend?Not really.

Go out and try it and tell me what you thought of the Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream today! Even send pictures to my email if you'd like! For more questions and answers, leave a comment and/or email me at kota143486@gmail.com ! !

DISCLAIMER: I DO EDIT pictures to some extent. Only to further quality to show products better, or to lighten, soften and filter for dramatic effect on SOME pictures. No Photoshop etc. is being used or body configuring. Thank You.

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