July 28, 2014

How To : Fake Aegyo Sal.

                      ♥How To :
                 Fake Aegyo Sal.♥

You know those cute little fat folds underneath a lot of Asian people's eyeballs? A huge trend in Korea? Well it's called Aegyo Sal! A lot of Non-Asian Westerners may get them confused with eye bags and that is just not the case.

As you see above, eye bags are gross and disgusting and are LOWER than the charming fat right beneath the eye. 

They are smiling eyes, hence, when a person smiles, their eyes usually tend to fatten at the bottom. Also, the eye fat makes your eyes appear bigger which, is the biggest point in Korea's beauty standards. 

Looks really cute on the guys too! 

Like my cutie patootie Daehyun here~!

I'm going to show the easiest and most common way to fake Aegyo Sal if you don't naturally have it, like me! 


I used the same pencil I use for my eyebrows. It's natural. So try to use a light brown, brown or a dark brown.

This is just a natural makeup palette that I got as a gift from my Aunt a little while back. 

I'm just using the little 2-end brush set that came with it. I don't normally use this for my Aegyo Sal but this one worked fine.

To get an idea as to where your Aegyo Sal would be if you had it, just squint. This will help give you a more natural look.

Then you're going to take your pencil and draw right underneath the fold or in the crease.

You want to apply more pressure in the middle area. It'll add more depth and make it look more real. Fade out gently towards the end of your eye. You literally are contouring your eye. 

I noticed when reading Japanese magazines, they tend to use brown eye shadow. That tends to look more heavy and dramatic. If you don't have a pencil, just do this next part. The results won't be as great but it will add effect.

Next, you want to use an eye shadow that is close to your skin colour, but a little brighter/lighter.

I just chose this cream colour.

You're going to rub it above the line you drew. On top of your eye fat! Hopefully you're still squinting!

And You're Done!

Adding sparkles aren't necessary but really cute and girly!

Here Are The Results Without Squinting.

While Squinting.

Before And After.

♥Be Dazzling!♥

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