September 13, 2016

My Favourite A/W Campaigns -2016-

Again, I really don't know what kinda blog this is but for the most part I know it's about music (preferably hiphop), fashion (mostly Japanese/Gyaru), film (usually Bollywood), and random thoughts.

I thought I'd do something interesting and do a post about my thoughts on the A/W campaigns that really caught my eye.

Heads up.

Any post like this will be of Japanese brands. My taste in fast fashion or even designer brands get my thoughts way too complex.


Considering Gyaru is a dying art form, not many girls blog about it anymore (unless it's fangirling over D.I.A) and I don't think that's fair for new Gyaru to not have relatively new content to read.

I don't consider myself Gyaru at all but I incorporate a lot of Gyaru elements into my style.

Now I'm saying Gyaru as a whole to be simple, don't even get me started on the sub genres.


This post might be very confusing for probably half of my pitiful readers (no really, I love you guys but I am pitiful) but Japanese fashion is something I'm so passionate about and I would like to spend time on this one and upcoming ones.


I know I'm a bit late on posting about A/W concepts considering they came out a bit ago but it really took me some time to find some I truly liked.

In the end.

Ank Rouge's "Innocent Black" concept is by far my favourite. It features the immensely beautiful Katou Chan and Emma Jasmine. If you're a fan of Gyaru fashion and brands, then you know Ank Rouge. It's always been a lesser version of Liz Lisa. It's a tad cheaper, just as beautiful but with more of a colour palette.

Now I'm not gonna get too deep into the history of Ank Rouge, if you'd like a more detailed post about what I'm gonna say (with pictures for proof) see the Universal Doll's post. I believe it's her most recent.

Ank has definitely took a different path in their style this season. Here's some beautifully taken Kerli like pictures below, or see the full lookbook at this source.

I'm so biased with Katou. She's really becoming a favourite model of mine. She's like the perfect girl. Her and Risa Doll. They have a different similar look but it's still so sweet and oddly sexy at the same time. They are Larme and they are what I picture when I think of that perfect Japanese girl.

EDIT : I wanna day Nicorun too. She may not be Larme Larme, but she is another perfect Japanese girl. Those 3 are my favourites right now and they're completely blowing up and turning into huge icons and idols like those that have come before them.

EDIT : Is it just me or Katou look mixed. Like Japanese and white.

But this campaign is by far the best I've seen in a while. I love when brands do new concepts.


Ones that at least work and aren't just basics. I love basics but cmon now. Even Mode but really guys.

But I'd definitely consider this a dark Larme. Not necessarily street but, I'm starting to look at Larme like Lolita. Like the most common style of Lolita that people see is 'Sweet.' I guess you could put Larme kei in that sense as well. Then you have the sub genres like Gothic, Sailor, Victorian, Alice, Tea etc. So seeing Ank's take on Larme because it really is, and then making the colours darker and the makeup darker with the beautiful filters, is the first I've seen of this style. So I think a darker, dark or even Gothic Larme may come from this and seeing other out of the box genres of Larme would be interesting too!

Looking at the prices, typical Ank. I never pay full price so I can't really say. But every piece is beautiful and I don't own any Ank Rouge yet but I've heard and seen that the quality really is beautiful and worth it. I'll definitely be getting a piece from this collection once it goes on sale.


Another campaign that just seemed to keep getting my attention this season was Cecil McBee with Saiko.

This mid-autumn campaign is typical Cecil and this model is rocking her short cut and fuller cheeks. The way she also positions her delicate fingers is so seductive and dainty to me.

The first two outers look amazing and the floral above gives me major vibes.

To see the full collection : 

More posts like this to come !!

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