July 15, 2016

A Poem.

I feel like I'll never be yours.

Deep down.


Even you can't see the future.



I feel hope.

Hope that I'll truly be yours.

I'll never give up.

Because I love you.

I am...in love with you.

I can admit that now.

I believe everything you say but I know what you're feeling deep down and let's continue flowing together.

Like apple juice.

The salty sea that flowed from your eyes so.

I gripped your fro and for once I let my exterior go.

Seeing those irises light up and excitement over your dreams turned me into jelly.

I can't wait to sing with you.

You tell me I can be the world's Mother Earth and I shall share my gifts with my yout.

I will do so because you told me to.

I always felt it.

But I think I needed to hear it from someone I trust.

I look to you as a role model.

I wanna be like you.

When you go. Take me with you.

Don't think of me as a leech.

But as a the stem to your flower.

We're gonna be superheroes remember?

Just don't leave me.

Don't tease me and then ditch me.

One day you'll see.

And I'll be waiting.

I'm happy with what and who we are now.

But I stare at the temporary love bites that you blessed upon me.

I smile.

So my flower.

I hope our dreams come true.

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