May 17, 2016


       Think I might work on some visuals.

                Hardcore summer visuals.

    And like, actually post something on my                                   YouTube.


                    That I won't take down.

                I think it has a lot to do with                       embarrassment and somewhat of a                                   perfectionist.

             I want to work more on my art.

 And so the next thing I upload will be shitty                               but perfect.

                I feel like I'm still a mystery.

       Like, maybe my identity is a mystery?

             I'm that person that, when I'm                   momentarily infatuated with someone          through still motion, I crave to see them                          move through film.
    Like, I wanna see their mannerisms and                                     ticks.
                 I wanna hear their laugh.
    I feel that connects me with this stranger                    who doesn't know I exist.

I like that, yeah.

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