April 19, 2016

Fig&Viper Lowkey Shutting Down!?!

Fig&Viper by the fabulous queen Alisa Ueno is one of my favourite Japanese Gyaru brands next to Cocolulu & d.i.a.

I was recently browsing through the amazingly informative The Universal Dolls blog and Ive just noticed a few tidbits here and there mentioning a probable fall of Fig.

Im honestly shocked because its a fairl new brand especially compared to the others and without it there would be no such thing as NeoGal.

Is it expensive?


But what Japanese label isnt.


Considering the style is famously seen on Tumblr and called so many things like soft grunge, pastel goth whatever the fuck, you think itd be such a hit.


Because of this styles huge popularity you can get these basic aesthetic pieces from better known expensive brands like Unif, or at extremely cheaper prices.

She hasnt been advertising it the best no, but even Ive been disappointed with a lot of pieces lately because it looks like expensive dupes of shit Ive seen before.

Still though.

I love the brand and the creator.

Looking at the new BAD brand, it looks great! Miss Sayoko Ozaki models for it as well. I personally havent looked deeper into the clothing or prices but it might not be helping Fig much at all. Its also kind of irritating that the creator DJ Amo DJs at the same residency that Alisa does a lot...has me thinking.

Im hurt and will dig deeper because but Im also excited to see the new cntributors to the NeoGal movement.

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