August 20, 2015

LINE PLAY Drop Drop.


Another informative on an app.

I'm not gonna get too deep in this one.

This is for the hardcore LINE PLAY users or people that already know what it is and use it.


So, there's been an Event going on for the game DropDrop inside of the actual LINE PLAY.

So far they've added new items a while ago.

I may be the only person that's noticed this...this late.


But, I've noticed that you don't necessarily have to finish an entire round of DropDrop just to get the Even Reward.

You can simply miss 3 blocks and opt out on trying again and you'll get the Event Reward but not a reward for actually completing the round.

I may be late but aye...


It's not for you.

It's for people that didn't know.


Time to finish the touches on my Crooz.

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