January 14, 2015

1st Time SaSa Order & Product Reviews!

Hi Everyone~!
Long time no...write?
If you read my blog regularly, you've noticed a teaser video and even a singing video of me covering 'MTBD' by the fabulous queen, CL. Lately I've been anticipating her American debut so, I've been basically obsessing over her lately and I really do wonder if I can have like...one of those cool underground singing/rapping career.

Anywho, a few weeks ago I had ordered a few things from SaSa.com! I had gotten a bunch of masks for my Granny and a green tea Holika Holika cleansing cream. The shipping is pretty cheap and they always seem to have great sales. But, the shipping was exactly 2 weeks. It even seemed faster, I loved it. It was my first time ever and it was a great experience.

Also, if you remember my mini Etude House haul, I'll be reviewing the Color Pop Tint Mini.

ALSO! I'll be reviewing a sample of 3 Concept Eyes moisturizing lipstick.


After using the green tea nose patches from Etude House, I've been obsessed with the smell. So, when I seen on SaSa that they had 160ml. of Holika Holika's Green Tea Cleansing Cream on sale for $6.10, I just had to get my hands on it. 

First off, I really love the simple design.

And here what the cream actually looks like.

And me smelling the beautiful green tea smell.

It's a great product, high moisturizing and effects are lasting. I seriously recommend it.


Next! Etude House's Color Pop Tint Mini.

I forget what colour I got it in but it's a tangerine type of colour. Here's an idea as to the size. Remember, it is a mini which is more of a sample and it's no the full size. 

Here's what it looks like when you take the top off.

Here's my lips before:

And now after:

Obviously, not that big of a different. It's a weird tint, usually tints are water based and what not but, this one was creamy. I'm not really a tint girl but I did like how it was creamy. Now, when they say tint, they really mean it. Hardly any colour showed up. They say to apply two coats but even then, it's hardly anything. I did like the gloss that came out of it, it's really pretty and natural but I don't think I'll buy it again. I also spent $2.50 on it and it's not really worth it.


Next up! 3CE's Sample Lipstick in #06.

Again, when they say sample, they really mean it. Although this looks like a little, you really don't need a lot and this can last you a while. Really good price for $.89.

Also, here's an idea of the size.

How it looks with the top off.



The camera really doesn't give this beautiful, creamy lipstick justice. The colour is gorgeous and it really has a light feel. It's soft and just feels like butter.

I look like a weird ghoul. >.<

So, that's that~!

DISCLAIMER: I DO EDIT pictures to some extent. Only to further quality to show products better, or to lighten, soften and filter for dramatic effect on SOME pictures. No Photoshop etc. is being used or body configuring. Thank You.

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